Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moving Update

I had a chance to be a part of the Saturday night gathering at Crossroads tonight. As an added bonus, I was able to see some folks that I love and miss. They were kind enough to ask about our house situation- noting that they hadn't seen an update on my blog in a while (hint, hint). So, here's the latest:

- After teaching on Sunday and again on Christmas Eve at Connections, I joined the rest of the family in Nashville at my brother and sister-in-law's home on Christmas morning. It was a short, but sweet celebration.

- As of Thursday, our house in Lexington is currently empty and most of our earthly possessions are in an ABF freighter truck (supposedly) headed to Raleigh.

- After months of searching and weighing our options, we settled on an renting an apartment. We've got a short term (3 month) lease with the ability to go month to month beyond that if we need to. This should give us a lot of flexibility as we search for a home to buy. The apartment is brand new (no one else's dirt) and is in a great location. I'll post our new address later.

- Our scheduled closing on Friday didn't happen. Our buyer's are still wanting to purchase our home, but have hit a delay with their financing. The short version is that they are both self-employed (realtors) and lenders are tightening up their requirements with all the foreclosures on the horizon. We MAY be closing in 2-3 weeks.

- I'll be heading to Raleigh to unload our truck into our apartment on Thursday (1/3). Jen and the kids will come early the next week.

So, that should catch you up on our happenings. I know many of you have continued to pray for us. I think it is working. Please keep it up. =)

Also, we're getting kinda tired of talking about ourselves. Hit the comments button and let us know what's going on in your world.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Would You...Could You...Ditch The Box??

Lance is one of my new friends in Raleigh. We've seen each other at church each weekend, eaten a handful of meals, and dabbled in the local music scene together. So far, I think a lot of Lance. And then he dropped, the big one on me.

They don't own a TV. Haven't for 12 or 13 years now.

Wow. I was blown away.

The reason for ditching the box? There wasn't much worth watching. They were busy and didn't have time for it anyway. Over a decade later, they don't miss it. They aren't completely out of touch either. Lance reads the news every day online, they watch movies on the laptop, they are even fairly conversant about sports and tv shows. Lance told me that you'd be surprised how pervasive tv is (even as one hummed on nearby in the restaurant we were eating at).

How do people react when they hear about his abstinence? They usually talk about their own watching habits. Two refrains are most common:
1. I don't really watch that much tv.
2. We need it for sports.
He usually just says ok and lets the conversation continue.

Don't get me wrong. Lance isn't an activist about this. He doesn't think tv is evil and isn't trying to convince anyone. He's simply living out his choice. Makes me like him even better.

Every year Lance attends a conference for work and stays in a nice hotel complete with a nice tv. Does he watch it? Yes- for about an hour. Then he thinks- oh yeah, same old stuff- and clicks it off.

Am I giving up my tv? Probably not. Although I could stand to unplug more. By the way, Lance's biggest curiosity about people who watch tv is "How do they find time to get anything done- like reading?". "We don't", I told him with a smile.

How about you? Ever thought about getting rid of your tv? How long do you think you could go without it?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting...A Little....Closer...

Every day from now until Christmas is excruciating for the kids in our lives. They wait...and wait...and wait for the 25th day of the year's final month to arrive. It's enough to drive a youngster crazy.

I can relate. For the last few months we've been waiting for the day when we finalize the sale of our existing home in KY. Today we took another huge step.

We signed a contract with another buyer. Unlike our last buyer, this one doesn't have to sell their existing home. On top of that, they want to close quickly- like before the 2007 calendars become obsolete.

Am I excited? Almost. Why not? It's my friend, Jason's fault. 15 months ago, Jason relocated from FL to KY. All that time and 7 contracts later, he still owns his house down south. At one point he told me that an hour rarely goes by when he doesn't think about this. (Feel free to add Jason and his wife Maria to your personal prayer list if you have one.)

So, I'm thrilled to have another contract. I'll be giddy if the home inspection scheduled for Friday reveals nothing significant. I'll levitate my hiney to the car if we close as planned on 12/28.

Although this journey has been challenging at times, I'm convinced that it has been bearable only because of the prayers you and others offer for us. We are grateful. Please keep it up- at least until everything is official.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Remember this ride at the local fairs as a kid? The supposed attraction? That momentary feeling of weightlessness (and accompanying bladder sensation) that happens as you sway from one side to the other. Sounds like my life lately.

As we've spent the last 8 weeks in the land of "in-between" I've seen Jen's and my spirits ride the Viking Ship. One day we're fine with the travel, unsold house and the sense of disconnection (esp. for Jen)- the next it feels we're a little queasy (and have to suddenly pee). After a couple of months of limbo and having everyone in the clan take their turn at the vomiting virus last week- I found myself literally on the downswing.

Apparently, God knew I needed something positive (and pronto), because we got two great pieces of news in the span of 12 hours. First, we got a call from some family members saying that they thought we really needed to be in Raleigh by New Year's. They believed this so much, that they offered to pay our rent there so that we could continue covering our mortgage here. Although my pride hates needing help, I marveled at our family's capacity to love and savored the instant feeling of peace. We hit the Raleigh Craigslist and started our rental hunt.

The second piece of positive news came @ 9:30 am on Sunday morning when the phone rang. A gentleman called to ask if he and his wife could come and see our home at 11am. My answer? Uuuuummmmm- no. We need to clean up a bit. How about later? Eventually we settled on 4:45. After cleaning every nook and cranny, (which is probably good after all the sickness we've had anyway), and exiling the wife and kids- I showed the house to a nice couple that we'll call Bob and Dena - whom I hope are God's angels sent to end my suffering and purchase my home.

I don't want to jinx it, but it was a great showing. Bob & Dean are both Realtors and are looking to buy a home for themselves. They don't have to sell their current home to buy ours and would like to be in before Christmas. (Could this be it?) They know a bargain when they see it and think our home is in fantastic shape. I agree on both counts. Best parts of the showing? They stayed for 45 minutes, went through the place 3x, and started talking about where their furniture would go in each room.

Wow. Talk about a swing. 24 hours ago I was planning my life as a gypsy. Tonight, I'm thinking that I may be in Raleigh before year's end.

Crazy. I feel weightless. And I have to pee.