Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall is here and ACHOO (ugh)...

My whole family has been fighting sore throats, sniffles and sneezes this week. Seems like the fall illnesses are starting to make the rounds.

Anyone in your tribe been sick recently?

If so, what did you deal with? How long did it last?

Do you have any go to cures or things that make you feel better?

Any preventative measures you take to dodge the bugs?


Mrs. Needham said...

Sorry about the clan being sick, you know we've had our share this year.

As far as cures, I have none.
Precautions are about all I have...gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat (every hour till better). It will pull the infection from your glands and keep it from going farther.
Put hydrogen peroxide in your ears alternately and lay there for about 5 min. till it boils down...sounds odd, but you'd be surprised how it works. And if your really brave you can try a netti pot to clean out your sinuses.

Aren't you glad you asked :-)

Janet said...

Sorry you're all feeling puny :(

Nothing here but the standard sinusitis this time of year. Mold is high. Looking forward to a freeze (did I really just say that?!)

Ours will last until the antibiotics kick in. We don't have much time to be sick around here so to feel better we offer lots of sympathy (or a kick in the pants to get to the Dr.) Lots of warm fluids, coffee or tea, salt water gargles, and adequate supply of the requested comfort food (usually potato soup).

Preventative measures here are trying to get enough sleep, multivitamins, and omega-3 to keep our immune systems up.


Anonymous said...

The Netti pot is amazing--mine isn't exactly a pot, more like a squeezie bottle that comes with the salt solution (I think it's much more manageable than the actual Netti Pot, Mrs. Needham :) )

Works wonders for the sniffles, sneeze and runny noses (well, the ones I had recently).

Hope everyone feels better soon!

Patrick said...

I've got Cat Measels. As of yet, science hasn't created a cure. Damn cats.

Ms. Holly said...

Good to know we are not alone. Mine was given to me by a coworker. The burning nose and throat. One day of cold like symptoms then 6 days (so far) of the hoarse and scratcy voice. From there I have successfully passed it to my husband and daughter. There are probably more unsuspecting folks out there that I shared it with but they can't trace it to me. Thank goodness for that. I have no cures or any good miracles to pass on. Just sickness. I am one of those that continues on with life and plows on full speed (which is why I am sure that I have passed it on to others). I did let my daughter stay home from school today. I would hate to shut the school down.

I have seen people use the sinus flusher outer. They swear by it. I am too chicken to even go there. I had water go up my nose one time and I thought the burning alone would kill me. I am a huge fan of the vitamins and supplements. That is a must for me even in healthy times. Good luck to all of you and I hope it passes soon!

The Colonel said...

When I get a little under the weather, I mix bourbon with....well, more bourbon. That always makes me feel better. Oh, you should also eat two hard-boiled eggs and three grapefruits every four hours. Oh, and a shrimp cocktail. That's really all you need to do to live a happy healthy life.

Fred said...

NOW I understand why the Colonel always seems to be in tip top shape.

Makes perfect sense.