Wednesday, November 7, 2007

3,650 Days of Wedded Bliss

Tomorrow Jen and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. How does a decade fly by so quickly?

After ten years of life together:
- She knows me better than I know myself.
- She is even more beautiful. Is that possible?
- We've had some adventures.
- We are parents to two of the sweetest kids I know. (Jen's genes get credit.)
- I have even less hair, and maybe a bit more self-awareness and patience.
- I love her more than myself. Just wish my actions showed it more often.

Hitting this milestone makes me grateful not only for Jen, but for all of you who have supported us with your love and friendship.

We're scooting out of town to a B&B in Burlington, KY to celebrate. I'll give you a (family appropriate) report after we get back.


Patrick said...

Congratulations guys!

Jeremy & Casey said...

wow, thats amazing. thanks for being such a great example to us for the past 5 years.

Anonymous said...


The Colonel said...

Jen deserves sainthood or something! Still, bravo on the decade of love! Hope you enjoy your rendezvous.

Mrs. Needham said...

So happy for the two of you! It's awesome to watch such a loving relationship.

Fred said...

Thanks Ami (and everyone else).

We're the lucky ones to have friends like you all.