Friday, December 19, 2008

A Little Time For Us...

For the last couple of months I (Fred) have been trying to plan an overnight getaway for Jen so that we could spend some time together without kids. My first two attempts were foiled for different reasons. Persistence paid off and yesterday we headed to Asheville for the candlelight tour of the Biltmore decorated for Christmas. Pics aren't permitted inside and when we finally finished our tour it was dark and foggy. But we took a few shots anyway.

We're heading back today to see it in the daylight. Sure I'll have more to say later.


Shane said...

The candlelight tour is magical but we prefer it in the daytime as the house is exquisitely designed and decorated and it is hard to see all those amazing details when the lights are dim.

Glad you are going back for 2nds. There is so much to see. Can't wait to hear the updates at the party.

Mrs. Needham said...

Good for you!
You defnately need some adult time during this busy season or you'll just rediscover each other under piles of wrapping paper after it's over.