Monday, December 8, 2008

I Heart Mondays

I'm learning to look forward to Mondays. Really.

That wasn't always the case. I used groan like a lot of other folks when the calendar landed on Monday. I mentioned my appreciation for this often dreaded day of the week on Facebook and within seconds I got the response- "What's your secret?"

Good question. Had to think about that for a couple of minutes.

My response? I'm seeing Monday a bit differently.

Instead of thinking of this day as the beginning of a week of work- I'm thinking of this day as the beginning of my week of work.


Like you, I've got a ton of stuff to get done this week. Some I really want to do. Some I need to do. Some I have to do. All of it needs to be done by Sunday (in my case).

I've finally realized that I'll never have any more time this week to get stuff done than I do today (Monday).

Today I'm at the beginning of the runway. The speed only increases and the distance shrinks from here on out. Monday ought to be my least stressful day of the week.

I'm also choosing to see Monday as my best opportunity to pray over, prioritize and order my week. No new info there- just trying to practice it.

So, happy Monday.

Breathe deeply.

Stretch a bit.

Thank God for today.

Nudge the throttle forward gently.

Enjoy your week.


Chad K Miller said...

Thanks Fred, I needed that in this crazy season at school. Wise words...